LeadershiP Team

Hi! We are GirlsDebate's team for the 2018-2019 season. We hope to create a lasting program that will be passed along through generations of young women. If you would like to reach any us, please email hello@girlsdebate.org. 


Jaya Nayar - Editor-In-Chief

Hi!! I’m Jaya Nayar and I’m a senior at Harvard-Westlake going into my fifth year of debate. I have 2 labradoodles and you can usually find me at tournaments petting dogs or looking for them. My favorite argument is the feminist international relations K (which I usually read as a framing argument on the aff) and I want to do policy debate in college :)



Alexandra Mork - Editor-In-Chief

I'm Alexandra Mork. I'm a junior at Harvard-Westlake, entering my fourth year of debate. I love ice cream and will really appreciate suggestions for the best spots at tournaments. My favorite part of debate is the NR because there's more time to explain and engage arguments than in other speeches.


Jasmine Stidham - Chief Advisor

Jasmine Stidham is a graduate from the University of Central Oklahoma where she debated for four years on the collegiate circuit. During her career, she managed to set records for her University, qualifying to the National Debate Tournament all four years, being the first team from UCO to receive a first-round bid to the NDT, attending multiple round robin invitationals, and winning several tournaments and top-speaker awards. As a coach, Jasmine has qualified multiple teams to the Tournament of Champions throughout her time at the Heritage Hall school and Edina High School. This is her second year teaching and coaching at Harvard-Westlake. She is also an assistant coach for Dartmouth College, and teaches at the University of Michigan 7-week Debate Institute during the summer. Jasmine is passionate about women in debate, iced coffee, Feminist Security Studies, dogs, and #CallingLessDudes.




Jessa Glassman - Managing Editor

I’m Jessa Glassman. I am a junior at Harvard-Westlake, and this is my fourth year debating LD. I love listening to music, baking, writing, and watching TV (especially food network!). My favorite arguments include the Cap K and Framework!


Joanna Im - Managing Editor

I’m Joanna Im, an 11th grader at Harvard-Westlake, entering my fourth year of debate. I play the clarinet and am a Girl Scouts Ambassador (if you need cookies, hit me up!). If you see me at a tournament, odds are that I’m drinking diet coke and listening to bad music. My favorite arguments are identity politics kritiks!


Alexandra Landecker - Card File Manager 

Hi! I’m Allie Landecker. I’m a sophomore and third-year Lincoln Douglas debater at Harvard-Westlake. I really like hedgehogs (even though it’s illegal to own them in California) and Harry Potter. Once when I was debating, I was standing and kind of leaning back on a chair and I fell down in the middle of my speech.


Samantha McLoughlin - Card File Manager

I’m Samantha McLoughlin. I’m a sophomore at Harvard-Westlake, entering my third year of debate. I was once told by a fellow debater that if I were to be a kitchen appliance, I would be a salt shaker, and I think that’s a pretty accurate summary of my personality. At any given debate tournament, you can find me in a funeral dress, eating the free snacks and stalking my possible opponents to avoid doing actual prep.


Olivia Feldman

Hi, my name is Olivia Feldman. I’m a sophomore at Harvard-Westlake and am going into my third year of debate. I like ramen, BoJack Horseman, and my dog, Penny. My favorite speech is the 1AR (but only when I'm neg).


Original Founders


Indu Pandey - Harvard-Westlake ‘18


Jaya Nayar - Harvard-Westlake ‘20


Alexandra Mork - Harvard-Westlake ‘20